Can Lavender Really Help You Sleep Better?

Found in parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia, lavender is believed to be a natural relaxant. Although there was initially some doubt about its effectiveness due to there not being enough modern academic research done on the subject, researchers have now begun catching up.

The potency of this plant has made its use widespread. It can now be found in cosmetics, home fragrances, and night-time beauty products. If this is not enough, the plant’s potency in inducing relaxation reflects in the fact that it has been used for thousands of years across various cultures- Egyptian, Chinese, and Roman.


Lavender is composed of different chemicals, a major one being linalool, and linalyl acetate. Linalool is a colorless fluid with a pleasant scent and it is found in abundance in nature- lemon, tangerine, cinnamon, and rose are a few examples.

These two chemicals are known to be absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream and alter the body’s existing chemistry. When these compounds were tested on mice, it was found that they inhibit certain neurotransmitters and provide pain and stress relief.


Lavender does not directly impact the quality of sleep. Lavender aids in reducing stress levels and the by-product of that is it can help people to relax enough to slip into states of deep sleep.

A study was conducted at Wesleyan University to study the impact of lavender on people. Researchers discovered that just inhaling the plant’s scent before sleeping led to an increase in the quantity of deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep, that a person got.

Slow-wave sleep is crucial for relaxing our muscles and slowing down the heartbeat. The body’s essential healing happens during slow-wave sleep and getting an adequate amount of it ensures that the immune system stays strong.

There was another study conducted in Iran which involved 158 women who had just given birth. For a total of 2 months, they were given lavender to inhale before bed, while a control group was given some placebo. The results revealed that the women who inhaled the former had a better quality of sleep.

Although these study-samples are small, it must be kept in mind that the results across all samples have been consistent. The usage of lavender has clearly shown to create chemistry of relaxation in a human being. So it is not just because the scent reminds you of a pleasant memory that it is effective.

You can also view some of these YouTube videos to get more clarity on this subject:


There are plenty of ways in which lavender can be used. Given below are a few tips on how to make best use of it:

1. If you have the plant in your garden, then you can harvest the flower buds and place them in a bowl near your bed.

2. Sprinkle a few drops of the essential oil on your wrists and neck before sleeping. You could even sprinkle it on your pillowcase or add a few drops to a tissue and place it underneath your pillow.

3. Add a few drops of the essential oil to warm water for a bath.

4. Apply a lavender scented body-lotion before bed.

Teaching Strategies: The Ten Rules of Writing

Teaching Strategies: The Ten Rules of Writing

Writing has never been a simple task since It entails much more than writing! You really need to communicate to your readers in the most convenient way possible. Your readers should never be confused with the message you are really trying to pass. the rules for both the fiction and non-fiction writing are common. Below are simple writing rules that will really guide the writer;

1. Your sentences should be simple!

It’s always the best way towards achieving the most amazing writing design. Simple words are universally acceptable to all readers. It gives an easier way to understand the theme of your writing.

2. Aim at expressing yourself!

Sometimes writers do confuse this with the impression! Your aim should never be to impress, you should only focus on expressing your innermost feeling in your theme that will help change or encourage the readers! It’s not about the number of words, vocabularies or the adjectives you really choose.

3. Understand your audience

Any writing must target a certain set of population. You need to have the best knowledge about your audience as you generate your content so as to keep them accommodated while they read your text. The target audience whether a business group, students or even the health societies has something in common which every writer needs to have a clear understanding of it.

4. Avoid a slang language

Slang language commonly known as the jargon language is not for everyone! It’s only meant for certain professionals, it won’t help a lot when you include it in your text but will rather serve to render your writing useless since it won’t be understood!

5. Use an active voice

An active voice is always accepted by many people. It’s a universal way to pass the message more clearly.

6. Avoid wordy sentences

Some writers believe that too many words explaining a concept is much fulfilling than a simple text! This is really not true, a simple phrase does make more sense that a long phrase with equally same meaning!

7. Always strive to be positive in your writing

A positive attitude in writing is far much more appealing and easier than negative writing. always avoid the negative way of writing.

8. You should read your work aloud

Though reading aloud sometimes might seem weird, its the only way to get the real meaning of your work. It also gives you a chance to listen attentively to yourself. This helps correct any errors that could have otherwise been left unnoticed.

9. Always leave room for revision

It’s always not possible to correct all our work sentence by sentence. Just write naturally and set aside some time for editing after you have finished writing. You will then have enough time to do thorough editing when your content is fully completed.

10. Always write

This is undoubtedly the best rule that sums all the writing rules! You need to write all the time regardless of the conditions, the weather or even your emotions. Its the only way towards getting the best out of your writing.

The ten rules of writing are always not achieved in a day, it’s a process that needs dedication and determination. The writing service that has dedicated themselves to writing can really help you out in coming up with the best contents ever! For the best essay, Australia is the solution to your writing with all the writing rules well-taken care of! be sure to have your academic papers, essay writing, research papers and the case studies are done efficiently.

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